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The Postmaster Administration Wiki was originally developed by Anthony Howe based on a discussion with Pierre Chamberland of Netmail. The thrust of that discussion was bemoaning the fact that as more and more mail systems join the Internet, fewer and fewer of these new postmasters understand the history and/or background material to manage an email system. While a lot of the information about system and network administration can be found throughout the Internet, there was no one central resource that easily tied all the information together, till now.

The first edition of this resource was published in print «postmaster@YOUR_DOMAIN_HERE» October 2013.


Thanks to Pierre Chamberland for his suggestion and vibrant support; to Netmail for sponsoring the publication and hosting of this project; to my colleagues, Dan Bigras and Micah N. Gorrell, for their encouragement and eyes; to tech. support, Max Morgan and Jean-Marc Noiseux; and finally the publishing team, Debbie Howlett, Andrea Kostyk, and James Basset for making the book look good.

Anthony Howe, October 2013